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„Memories Of A Dead Man“ is a story about a man, his past, the one who saved his life and an endless tragedy.

Sitting in jail, waiting for the death penality, the protagonist has only one place where he can seek for the truth: His Mind!

Who killed the light in his life? The allegations and judges are pointing the finger at him. Is this really the truth? Or has someone bent reality? Someone from his long gone past, but still so close?

You decide!

AeoS started to write „Memories Of A Dead Man“ back in 2008. It was the first song written by them and was released as „Memories Of A Dead Man - Part III“ on their first demo record in 2010.
Finally, after 8 years the band brought the story to an end and finished the three piece conceptional album. Influenced by movies like Memento, tragedys like Hamlet and progressive music from the last 3 decades as well as modern metal, AeoS brings this story to life and into your imagination.


1. Intro (Instrumental)

2. The Visit Part I.

I know what you mean
With the walk into eternity
Now my friend, don’t be afraid
All will be gone, that’s what you said
I look into your eyes
You gave me hope, you said I’ll never die
My mind will be in your mind
It will be never gone
But gone is my Time

3. When The Thunder Caught You

The time has come
My victory is

I’m finished
You’ll never get to the

I was the man that you

For your life and for


There are the gates of eternity
Lightning's flashing into me
This pain now is killing me
Something happened deep down in me
Strange pictures in front of me
There are memories from old scenes
I don’t understand what happened to me
Why? Why can nobody help me

You’re sitting there and

I feel no shame, I can not

My hands are washed in

When the thunder caught


Strange pictures in front of me
There are memories from old scenes
I don’t understand what happened to me
Why? Why can’t nobody help me
I was the man, I had paid for life
He was the man, I searched all the time
Time has come to say goodbye
I have my revenge, because I will die


from Memories Of A Dead Man, released December 18, 2016
AeoS are:
Jakob Ghasemian - Vocals
Justin Hombach - Guitar
Julian Styles - Bass and Growls
Nicolas Emig - Keyboards and Synthesizer
Malte Schmidt - Drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ the "Liquid Aether Audio"-Studios



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